Our Mission

Aging Projects Inc. is a not for profit organization empowered by volunteers and employees working together, dedicated to promoting the health of older Kansans by providing the opportunity to have social interaction, a nutritious meal, gathered together or delivered to their home, and information to make other lifestyle choices.

About Us

This program is for everyone 60 or older regardless of his or her economic circumstances. Cost of the meal is a recommended $3.00 contribution for registered participants and volunteers.

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40th Anniversary

All Sites will celebrate this on September 24th 2014


The State of Senior Hunger In America 2012

In a recent report prepared for the National Foundation to End Senior Hunger May 2014 by Professor James P. Ziliak and Professor Craig Gundersen found that in 2012 seniors continue to face increasing challenges in meeting their food needs. It stated that 9.3 millon seniors face the threat of hunger each day. Increasing numbers of seniors are going without enough food due to economic constraings causing futher health declines.  The number of seniors facing hunger has increase 49% since 2007.  Out of those senior who face the threat of hunger, the majority have incomes above the poverty line and are not a minority. Kansas ranked 17 for risk of hunger.  In order for programs like meals on wheels and friendship meals to operate effectively we need all seniors age 60 and older to utilize our servics.  Not necessarily every day, but several times per month.  This helps us to be able to provide service in our rural communities through the volume of scale. If you know of someone who needs a meal, or you need a meal please call today and we will help you to locate the closest meal site.  Lets stop senior hunger today.